Monday, December 04, 2006

An Angel Blush Competition

Hello again everyone. Glad to see you've made it back to our blog here at Mountain Spirit Winery. We've been blogging for less than two months, but already over two hundred visitors have come to read about the exciting things going on at the winery. Thank you to everyone who has visited and left us a comment about our wines. It is always so gratifying to receive feedback from people who have enjoyed our wine or visited us when they were in the neighborhood.

This month, Terry and I want to host a little competition. Our Angel Blush has consistently been our best seller over the years. I wrote a little post about how the blush came to be a couple of weeks ago. Check it out if you haven't already. The surprise success of this wine has emboldened our sense of adventure in making new wines.

Well, in an attempt at getting a better grasp on just what it is that you like about our Angel Blush, we're hoping that you will write a description of this popular wine blend. If you had to describe Mountain Spirit Winery's Angel Blush to someone who had never heard of the wine or the winery, how would you do it? A short paragraph would suffice (but feel free to wax as eloquently as you feel is necessary...)

Simply leave your description as a comment below or email it to Terry and I will look at all the entries towards the end of this month. The winner (or winners if we just can't decide) will receive a limited edition private cutting of Mountain Spirit Winery's exclusive gold plated wine opener. In the past, we've given these openers as gifts to family members and our closest friends. Now, we're happy and honored to share them with you.

Remember to check out our website at for those holiday gift ideas. Terry provides many different custom gift baskets, both with and without wine. Her gallery has all sorts of wine accoutrements as well as beautiful jewelry and other artistic pieces. And for those who love the pressed grape, you can always order our wine directly from the winery at 1-888-MSWINES. To make things easier, we can even ship those gifts directly to many states (check the website for details).

Take care everyone. Thanks for stopping by. Be sure to get your entry into the Angel Blush contest. And as always...

Peace and love!


At 8:47 PM, mneria51 said...

We've been enjoying the quarterly shipments of Mountain Spirit wine for a year now -- always a hi-lite, especially the Angel Blush since it goes so well with any meal with pair it with. We enjoyed it with our Thanksgiving Turkey, with grilled lamb on Shabbat and with everyday chicken! So versatile at complimenting our favorite meals but not 'generic' in the least. It has its special character that makes it outstanding! Thanks for creating a winner!
Art and Meredith Neria, Texas

At 10:20 AM, Mike Barkett said...

Art and Meredith,

Thank you for your kind words. We'll definitely enter your comment into our Blush competition. When we started selling our wines commercially, it really tickled me to think of all the families out there enjoying the wine we had so painstakingly poured our hearts into (no pun intended!).


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